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How We Are Different

“Win-win Partnerships”

  • A collaborative approach based on close alignment of interests with the leadership of our independent Partner-firms that preserves and serves their culture, ambition and economic alignment
  • Our Partner-firms remain incentivised through their economic participation in their long-term growth, thereby also supporting their autonomy and long-term organizational stability
  • Our firm is governed by a fully independent, highly experienced, diverse, active Board


“Business built on resilience”

  • Broad diversification across geographies, industry sectors and strategies through our economic interests in 25 Partner-firms and exposure to more than 200 underlying funds
  • A grouping of some of the strongest independent sector specialists
  • Affording access for public investors to the secular growth trends in the private markets


“25 Engines of Growth”

  • Focused on select established, ambitious alternative asset management firms capable of further significant growth with the acceleration capital and strategic guidance the Company provides
  • Operated by Goldman Sachs Asset Management with ability to draw on value-add resources of Goldman Sachs to drive growth for existing Partner-firms and identify new acquisition opportunities
  • Our lean operating structure and the long-term transparency of the Operator charge structure uniquely contribute to the Company’s overall profitability and free cashflow


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide Shareholders with best-in-class diversified access to the growth and profitability of the alternatives industry, focusing on the quality of recurring earnings.



Our Values

Our values are critical to the success of our strategy. Our values are aligned with the underlying values of our Operator, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and include: Alignment, Excellence, Integrity and Partnership.

Alignment: We strive to maintain alignment between our Shareholders, Board, Operator, Partner-firms, and all stakeholders, driving successful outcomes with a shared purpose.

Excellence: We aspire to nothing less than excellence, consistently striving for exceptional performance and achieving outstanding results for our partners, our Shareholders, and our company.

Integrity: We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards, insisting on transparency and vigilance as we learn from our experiences and make decisions that instill a sense of purpose and pride in our firm.

Partnership: We prioritise collaboration and value diversity, creating a culture that fosters inclusiveness, accountability and transparency across the actions of our Board, Operator and all stakeholders.


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